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Scanning Wi-Fi with Linux

Introduction This shows a number of things that can be done with the right wireless card on a Linux command line. Note that some of these commands require ‘monitor’ mode, which most wireless adapters cannot do. So you will typically need to get a USB Wi-Fi dongle to be able to put them in this mode. Note that these commands are provided as reference and for education purposes only. Some of them may be illegal to use against networks you do not own. Listing nearby access points You can view the SSID, frequency, channel information and more around your location with the following command: iwlist scan Changing adapter to monitor mode First, find out which adapters are available on your system: iwconfig Then you can see what your adapter supports with the following command: iw list If the word monitor is not in the available interface modes, then your adapter doesn’t support it. If it does, you can enable it the following way: iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor If