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Dealing with Python module conflicts in your pipelines

Even if you're not in software development, dealing with development issues can be something you have to deal with. For example, most of the work I do falls within the DevOps sphere, but that often involves building and deploying code, which in turn means that I need to be able to address problems that can arise during those stages. One recent issue I've had to deal with is version conflicts, so I thought it might be a good idea to address this type of issue here. In particular, I'll talk about version conflicts with Python modules, how to fix the issue, and perhaps more importantly, how to ensure they don't happen again. Recently I had a Jenkins pipeline that started failing with a weird error message. The pipeline basically installed some Python modules, cloned some code from a Git repo, then built an image so it could be tested. One of those modules was the Snowflake connector, and what happened is that the module was updated on the public repository to a version tha