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Why is the cloud so expensive?

  The cloud is something most businesses have started to embrace, often with initial goals of simplifying operations or reducing costs. After all, the great promise of the cloud is to only pay for what you use, and being able to scale resources up and down as needed. No longer do you need to plan months in advance with hardware purchases to support future growth, now you can press a button and scale your loads as needed. So why is it that so many people have started to ask why their cloud bills have become so high? Here we'll see some of the reasons behind it and what you can do about it. While most cloud platforms like AWS and Azure can provide very cheap services, part of the issue is that they offer so many services, doing so many useful things. This can be both good and bad, because while you have access to so much capabilities, you must also keep track of the cost. As an example of how a simple workload can drive costs up in unexpected ways, let's take a look at a simple u