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The perfect virtual office

There’s no question that this pandemic is a big challenge, possibly the greatest challenge humanity has faced since the last war, as it kills thousands and shuts down the economy of the entire world. It presents an incredible health issue, but also forces workers to find a way to stay productive from home. Until the situation ends, things will be hard, but I also believe there is a silver lining to it. Some of the changes that were forced on us will end up changing how we work and how we live for a long time to come. One such change is the push for remote work. I’ve always thought that remote work makes a lot of sense in many industries, especially in tech, and in the past decade a lot more companies have embraced it. However many more remained stubborn, preferring to micro-manage employees even if it makes no sense financially to pay for large offices when the same work can be done from home. Now that these companies have no choice but to allow remote work, I think we’l