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Google Apps vs Microsoft 365 vs AWS WorkMail - I tried all 3

Email used to be the field of the IT experts. The choice you had was setting up your own Microsoft Exchange server on Windows, or a Postfix server on Linux, then deal with everything from DKIM and SPF DNS entries, reputation management, blacklists, spam, and so on. Now, any entrepreneur can go to one of many online services and start their own business email account for very little money, and almost no technical know-how. Hosted email has become the norm, where very few people bother running their own email server anymore.
So when I started Dendory Capital last year, I decided to do what most of my clients are already doing, and go for hosted email as well. In fact, I tried three different options, and I'm going to review them here for you today: Google AppsMicrosoft Office 365Amazon WorkMailNow admittedly, our needs are very basic. We're not a large firm, in fact it's just me and a few freelancers. I also wanted to look at this solely from the point of view of email, and no…