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AWS security features roundup

Over the last few years, we've deployed a lot of environments into the AWS cloud. Provisioning a brand new IT environment requires a well planned out design, and each design is going to be different based on your business needs. But one aspect that has to always be present, from the original concept all the way to the execution, is security. These days security cannot be an afterthought. There's too much data, money and power riding on our modern IT systems, where getting a virus or having a hacker breach those systems is no longer an incoveniance, it can be a career ending event. This is why we always make sure to follow industry best practices when it comes to security. A lot of people believe security is a digital, black and white concept. Either you're secure or you're not. But in reality, you can never be truly fool proof. Security comes in layers, and the more layers you put in place, the more secure your environment is. In this post, I'll describe some of the