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Crypto coins fundamentals

  As part of our technology services here at Dendory Capital, we touch a lot of exciting new industries. One of them is Cryptocurrencies. By now most people know about Bitcoin and how it's been going on a massive growth in the past year, but Bitcoin is just one of many different crypto coins. The landscape is much more vast than it used to be when Bitcoin was the only coin in town, and perhaps the most interesting part of crypto isn't so much the price action but instead all of the technologies behind these coins. In this post I will describe some of the basic fundamentals that drive crypto including blockchain networks, smart contracts and gas fees. The basics of blockchain All crypto currencies work on top of something called the blockchain. In simplified terms, a blockchain is a chain of blocks, linked together in a secure manner, and published on a ledger. This is how crypto coins are created, and how transactions are recorded. For example, let's say you have one Bitcoi