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The concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in the cloud

The concept of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a fairly common concept in business. The whole idea is that you want to build fast, ship as soon as you have a working prototype, and then iterate quickly as you get customer feedback. It greatly reduces your initial ramp up cost, allows you to get to market quicker, and improves the final product since you get feedback earlier in the process. This type of methodology is used in every industry, both for physical products and for digital ones such as web apps and software development. The hard part tends to be defining what your MVP will be. You want your product or service to be fully functional, meaning that your users will be able to do anything that was advertised as being a core functionality of the item, but with none of the additional bells and whistles that you may add over time. As expected, this concept also works within the cloud. Whether you're working on new software, a web site, or anything else that runs digitally, it&#

The risks of physical assets vs virtual assets

In this post I wanted to explore some of the risks that people and businesses who invest in virtual assets face, and how this compares with what traditionally is thought more as physical assets. As the world moves more into the digital age, virtual assets are becoming more common and more popular, and with good reason. Understanding the risks is therefore very important. Before I cover the 5 types of risks and how they apply, let's first make sure we all understand what are physical assets and what are virtual assets. Note that those lists aren't meant to be exhaustive. Physical assets are things that you can hold in your hand, or see in the real world. Value is tied to that object. Here are some popular examples: Real estate - There's no question that for most people, their home will be their most valuable physical asset. Art - Even though the art world is concentrated at the top 1%, it's still a vast and very valuable class of assets. Antique cars - Car buffs that a