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When not to use Docker containers

One of the major innovations to hit the IT landscape alongside the cloud, Infrastructure as Code and other DevOps techniques in the past couple of years is the popularity of containers. Docker containers evolved from an experiment to a core aspect of the corporate IT culture. These days we have entire environments running on top of Kubernetes deployments, with containers being provisioned and destroyed in real time as needed. The beauty of a setup like this is that it makes scaling very easy, with new containers being made available on demand, while maintenance is also much easier since containers can be recreated from scratch using a template. Fans of the concept may be forgiven to think every situation can be made to fit into a container, but is that really the case? Are there cases when containers shouldn't be used? First, containers can be adapted to most situations. With the freely available templates and images, it's probably the easiest way to build a simple Nginx web se