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How the invasion of Ukraine is shaping OSINT

OSINT, or Open-Source Intelligence , is the collection and analysis of data available from open sources, typically done by regular people like you and me. This means it's mostly non-state actors being thrust into an intelligence role, bonafide Internet detectives, solely thanks to the massive amount of data available online through things like social media, blogs, video sharing sites, corporate offerings, and other ways. It's not a new discipline, in fact it's something that has been done for many years and has accomplished a lot of good throughout the world, from finding kidnapped victims to conducting cybersecurity exercises . But the domain of OSINT goes much further, and sometimes people can get carried away, such as the time an online group used open source data to figure out who the Boston bombing suspect was, only to point the finger at several innocent people . Yet regardless of the past successes and failures of OSINT, this year has seen the discipline expand to a