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Use AI to write your code

It's no secret that developers use code snippets a lot. Whether it's from StackOverflow, GitHub snippets, or random Google searches, whenever a junior developer is asked to do something they don't know how to do, they tend to browse the web and find an existing piece of code they can copy and paste into their text editor. We all do it. After all, most things have been solved with code already, so why should you spend an hour trying to find out how to connect to a Snowflake endpoint using Python and listing all databases, when it's something that thousands of coders have done before? The issue with code snippets however, is that they tend to be very bad from a security standpoint. They tend to focus on the problem at hand, and give you the simplest way to solve it, without thoughts about context. If you don't understand what the code does, you won't know the potential security issues with that code, and that's one of the biggest way the Internet ends up fille

Your cloud migration is not a cost center

Anyone who works in IT knows the struggles of their department being considered a "cost center" by most businesses. Maintaining servers, desktops, software upgrades, web sites and making sure the digital parts of the operation keep turning smoothly is not a glorious job, and usually not something anyone notices outside of the department. At least, not until something breaks, then people realize how important IT is in making sure business can still be done. But again, as soon as things go back to normal, management typically stops thinking about the tech and they go back to worrying about sales, finances and production. Seeing that this is a fact of life, trying to get a budget assigned for large projects can be a challenge. This challenge is a big part of why a lot of companies lag behind the industry standard when it comes to best practices, using the latest technologies or anything that involves spending a lot of money to get something that has no direct, immediate impact o